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Ixcatik is a restaurant that takes you to live a culinary experience in an ancestral environment, which makes you learn more about the culture through authentic dishes of traditional Mayan cuisine.


About us?

We are a cultural experience, since our  platillos focus on the culinary tradition of the Mayans. Flavor, fresh ingredients collected from our own garden and organic ingredients from local and regional producers, techniques and ancestral recipes are combined to achieve an incomparable flavor.


We also have a complementary tour to get to know and learn more about Mayan culture and gastronomy.

Our kitchen

Ixcatic, a unique space, a place where food becomes a work of art and a transcendent experience.

Ixcatik is a traditional Mayan food restaurant that is listed as one of the best restaurants of its kind. Our dishes are made with fresh ingredients, focusing attention on their flavor and quality, following the ancestral recipes of authentic dishes of traditional Mayan cuisine.

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